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The Perks of Living In Windsor, Ontario and Working at REKO International Group

Picture this, you are stuck in a strenuous 9-5 day job, embarking on some extra side gigs in the evenings just to make ends meet, and by the time you get home into your congested neighborhood, you are exhausted. You barely have time for your loved ones and you never really get to see or enjoy the fruits of your labour. Sounds like a situation you can identify with? The solution to your problems may be found in the region of Windsor Essex!

Windsor Essex, Ontario, the southernmost region in Canada, encompasses exquisite beauty, friendly people, a crisp climate, and a chance to finally manage the once thought of ‘conceptual’ work-life balance. Located at the center of the Great Lakes, the picture of the region in your mind is already a positive one. You can begin to understand why Windsor Essex is recognized as Your Quick Gateway (#YQG), as it provides an exit from all the pressures of life and a getaway into the pleasures of life. Family fun weekly activities take place all around the region and can be found at 60 Reasons 60 Days, a platform that provides extensive info on all the events taking place in the area.

As the only Canadian region found south of the U.S., the location provides for a warmer climate and a unique story. Windsor Essex offers the opportunity to be in touch with the outdoors and nature, following the countless parks and green spaces within the region, an eco-friendly atmosphere that can be called home by your children’s children.

Windsor Essex can be described as all-encompassing, given the affordable cost of living, greatly established infrastructure, safe neighborhoods, and high standard schools. In this region, you get to avoid long commute times, busy cities and expensive housing. Windsor Essex has an ever-growing gentrified neighborhood with beautiful houses, both old and new. In fact, it is three times more affordable to purchase a comparable house in Windsor Essex than in Toronto.

Having catered to your lifestyle, the region does not stop at that. Rather, it goes ahead to present career, employment, and leadership opportunities. Windsor Essex provides significant opportunities to generate sustainable income. Such is the opportunity that lies in wait at REKO International (REKO), a diverse, technology-driven manufacturing organization that specializes in robotic factory automation solutions, the precision machining of large, critical parts and plastic injection, and low compression accosting tooling. At our organization, you can work at a company you will be proud of, while also catering to your family and personal needs. A job at REKO comes with benefit packages, scholarships, great corporate social responsibility, and monthly festivities and events to re-energize our employees.

Experience living in the beautiful, affordable and relaxing region of Windsor Essex while working at a family company that values it employees, corporate responsibility, and culture.

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A diversified, technology-driven manufacturing organization located in Southwestern Ontario, just minutes from the U.S. border. Our areas of expertise include robotic factory automation solutions, the precision machining of large, critical parts, and plastic injection and low compression acoustic tooling.
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