Reko Tooling Helps Customer

Reko Does What it Takes to Help Its Valued Customers

Reko International Group

On the weekend of October 27/28, the team at Reko’s Tooling Division came to the rescue for one of their longstanding Tier 1 automotive customers. A tool that was running production of acoustic dampening panels at our customer’s facility, a tool originally made by a supplier other than Reko, failed and was no longer able to continue production. This happened late on a Saturday night, and the customer immediately called Reko to see if we could help.


Reko International Group Inc. Opens New $5.7M Reko Automation Facility

Reko International Group

On Monday June 4th, Reko International Group held the grand opening of its new $5.7M automation and innovation facility, which will be dedicated to Industry 4.0 solutions. With three 150-foot long bays, 19-foot ceilings, and up to 30 metric tonne crane capacity, Reko Automation now has the infrastructure in place to deliver large scale, turn-key automation projects.

“We’re making automation equipment. So, things that help manufacturers be more competitive on a global scale,” said President and CEO Diane Reko, adding some of the machines are robots that can perform a variety of tasks.

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