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Reko International Group

On the shop floor of Reko International, two monumental machining centres stand silent witness to the company’s legacy, resilience, and innovation.

Dubbed in their Hungarian names which translate into bear and bull, these 15 metre tall machine tool artifacts symbolize the company’s evolution from a small automotive mould shop into a diversified and technology-driven automation and machining company. They also keep alive the legacy of Steve Reko, who founded the company in 1976.

Reko International is a diversified, technology-driven manufacturing organization that employs 200 people at its three side-by-side buildings in the Windsor suburb of Lakeshore. The company is organized into two divisions, focusing on automation systems and precision machining of large critical parts. The automation division specializes in plastic welding technologies primarily for the automotive industry and it has been the fastest growing segment of the company thanks to its recent innovations in flexible automation.

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Reko Tooling Helps Customer

Reko Does What it Takes to Help Its Valued Customers

Reko International Group

On the weekend of October 27/28, the team at Reko’s Tooling Division came to the rescue for one of their longstanding Tier 1 automotive customers. A tool that was running production of acoustic dampening panels at our customer’s facility, a tool originally made by a supplier other than Reko, failed and was no longer able to continue production. This happened late on a Saturday night, and the customer immediately called Reko to see if we could help.


Reko International Group Inc. Opens New $5.7M Reko Automation Facility

Reko International Group

On Monday June 4th, Reko International Group held the grand opening of its new $5.7M automation and innovation facility, which will be dedicated to Industry 4.0 solutions. With three 150-foot long bays, 19-foot ceilings, and up to 30 metric tonne crane capacity, Reko Automation now has the infrastructure in place to deliver large scale, turn-key automation projects.

“We’re making automation equipment. So, things that help manufacturers be more competitive on a global scale,” said President and CEO Diane Reko, adding some of the machines are robots that can perform a variety of tasks.

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